Monday, November 30, 2009

Digital Photography Best Practices & Workflow

The American Society of Media Photographers ( have recently launched a website with the intended purpose of creating guidelines for the best practices and workflow for Professional Digital Photography. This really is a great website for learning how to best capture and manage your digital photographs. is a rich web resource which includes a series of on-line educational seminars, software & hardware solutions, workflow guides and book references, designed to match a wide variety of working styles. Some of the key topics discussed are:

  • how to maintain your hardware properly (camera, computer etc...)
  • how to work with color profiles to ensure accurate color results in your images
  • how to properly store and manage your files after they are downloaded to your computer
  • what some guidelines are for safely and efficiently backing up your work
here is the link for the quick reference pdf guide to best practices and workflow.
here is the link for where to get started on the website.

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