Thursday, July 30, 2009

Instaproofs: Selling prints online made easy

I came across this great website I found called which allows you to upload your photos to online albums that make it easy for your clients to view and order prints. The best part of it is that Instaproofs provides a variety of services that make it easy for you without all the hassle on your end. The way it works is Instaproofs does not charge you setup cost, storage fees, or monthly fees for that matter, which makes it easy for you to get setup and start selling as quickly as possible. What they do charge you for is a fair commission on the prints you sell. Your commission then is paying credit card processing fees, merchant account fees, image storage costs, site improvements, unlimited uploading and downloading bandwidth, tech support, multiple order management tools, automated email marketing, etc. Its a streamline hassle free way to create galleries and sell your prints to clients. Check it out

view photographers using it:

view cost and benifits of it:

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