Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rosh Sillars - New Media Secrets

Last night I attended a seminar on New Web Media and how to market your photography business in the web world, which was hosted by Pittsburgh ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers). Photographer Rosh Sillars spoke about the tools, concepts and best practices for using the Web 2.0 tools (facebook, myspace, linked in, twitter, YOUR BLOG etc) that have helped him continue to attract new clients and grow his photography business. I learned a lot about how to use these social websites along with your blog to gain followers and attract attention to your main website which features the product that you are trying to sell. Even though it was geared towards the photographer, I feel anyone that has a business presence on the web could of learned a lot from this seminar. Many of the topics covered in this seminar can be found on his blog. You can also learn more about his business at Hopefully over the next week I will make time to apply some of his marketing tips in an effort to raise my website ( higher in rankings.

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  1. Matthew,

    It was good to have you at the event. I appreciate your kind words. I wish you much success with your new blog. Feel free to add to the conversation at the new media photo blog any time.

    All the best,