Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blog of Photoshop Tips and Plugins

I have been following this photoshop tricks blog for some time now and I thought I would post it.


This blog discusses new photoshop plugins that are out there like new filters or cool edges that you can add to your photographs. Earlier tonight I was previewing a video tutorial that explained how to use the Spot Healing Brush, Hue Saturation sliders, and the liquidfy tool. I actually found a useful tip that shows how to remove redness from a persons facial complexion which I will be applying to a clients photos later this week! Glad I found this tip, it saves me from flipping through 500 pages of my photoshop tips book... ugh.

here are the video links for the spot healing brush, hue & sat, and liquidfy tool



  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing the link. I'll definitely check it out. There's never enough tips and tricks to learn with Photoshop. One can never get enough. Thanks again!

  2. This website has a lot of great web coding stuff -- javascript photo galleries, CSS, and more.